Museums and Covid-19 Project


This project is an effort to measure the impact of the new corona virus on museums, to keep record of publications and actions resulting from Covid-19, as well as to present useful resources to institutions as they face this pandemic.

Internet Archive

With the Internet Archive, we structured the Museums and Covid-19, where we intend to keep record of documents, corporate and/or government press releases, newspaper or web articles, among other digital objects related to museums and to the new corona virus. A backup of the collection, for the extraction of data in future searches, will be stored in a local database.

Museums and Covid-19:

Guides and Resources about Covid-19 and Museums

English: Under construction

AAM – COVID-19 Resources & Information for the Museum Field
AAM – Museum Distance Learning
AICCM – Closed by Covid? Guide
Archive-It Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Collections Trust – Collections in Lockdown
Creatives Unite
Cultural Digital: Streams
ICCROM – Heritage in Times of COVID
ICOM – Covid-19
ICOM CIDOC – Covid-19 Information
MuseumNext – Donations Website Plugins
NEMO – Network of European Museum Organisations Covid-19 Survey
NEMO – Museums in Europe Map
Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative (pdf)
Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative – Covid-19 Resource Hub
UNESCO – Monitoring world heritage site closures

Covid-19 Plug-ins

Curatorship of WordPress plug-ins that are useful during these pandemic days: Schema Covid-19, corona virus statistics, banners with WHO recommendations, project management for remote work projects, online collections etc. First results below.

English: Under construction

Cookie Notice (Covid-19 WHO banner and live data)
Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch (Covid-19 banner, live data and map)

Web Resources for GLAM

The resources of this project may help museums to widen their scientific divulgation and web presence.

Full website soon available in English.

Project Website:
Cybersecurity resources:
Covid-19 Resources:


Ana Cecília Rocha Veiga – Full-time professor at School of Information Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil)

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