LavMUSEU Virtual Lab

The LavMUSEU aims to be an operating laboratory space equipped with virtual tools suitable for scientific research, teaching, dissemination and production of multidisciplinary knowledge about: project management, museum management, museum informatics, museums and the web. It has a web portal, as well as more than 60 softwares available to its researchers. It has intranet, extranet and a private social network. LavMUSEU aims to:

  • To promote the dissemination and production of knowledge through appropriate instruments for the realization of projects and products developed by its users.
  • Integrate user’s research projects with each other and with their teaching and extension activities, including supporting procedures, experiments, training and dissemination of intra – and extra- class knowledge.
  • To guarantee the updating and insertion of the researchers and students of the group in the labor market, both through the accomplishment of services and partnerships with the private initiative for academic purposes, as well as through the exchange of knowledge and technologies with museums, companies and cultural institutions.

Wise Stones Project Website: