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Wise Stones Project Publications

Know details about the Interactive Interface Accessible Circuit and its stages, and have access to complete technical information about the Wise Stones interfaces by checking the articles and texts below:

Smithsonian’s Book

Inclusive Digital Interactives – Best practices + Research (Smithsonian, IHCD, MuseWeb, 2020)

Prototype Stage

Interfaces tangíveis no contexto da experiência da visita a um museu (Portuguese, 2014)

Procedia Computer Science, intitulado Proposal of a Tangible User Interface to Enhance Accessibility in Geological Exhibitions and the Experience of Museum Visitors (2016)

Expositor Interativo para a comunicação de amostras geológicas do MM Gerdau – Museu das Minas e do Metal (Portuguese, 2016)

Pilot Stage

Handbook of Research on Technological Developments for Cultural Heritage and eTourism Applications: “Interactive Technologies in Museums: How Digital Installations and Media Are Enhancing the Visitors’ Experience” (2018)

Procedia Computer Science, intitulado “Designing an Interactive Exhibitor for Assisting Blind and Visually Impaired Visitors in Tactile Exploration of Original Museum Pieces” (2018)

Consolidation Stage

Rocha Veiga, Ana Cecília, Vaz, Roberto and Fernandes, Paula Odete. “Web Writing for Museums: Analyzing Principles and Best Writing Practices for Digital Media through the “Wise Stones (Pedras Sabidas) Accessible Circuit” Case Study.” MW19: MW 2019. Published January 14, 2019. Consulted March 27, 2019.

Wise Stones Project Tools (How-to Session, MuseWeb 2019 Boston)

Wise Stones Handbook – This website content (Portuguese)

Wise Stones Project Clipping

New Publication Shares Ways for Museums To Be Accessible and Inclusive – Smithsonian (2020)

Portuguese Clipping

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Wise Stones Project

The “Wise Stones Interactive Interfaces” is a permanent exhibit of the Mines and Metal Museum (MM Gerdau). This is the result of an international research agreement involving LavMUSEU/UFMG, MM Gerdau and IPB. That project, awarded by the Ibermuseums Program, gave life to the Interactive Interface Accessible Circuit.


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