International Research Agreement

IT Project in High-Complexity Museums

UFMG Presidents and Vice-Presidents

Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida and Alessandro Fernandes Moreira (2018-2021)
Jayme Arturo Ramirez and Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida (2014-2017)

Mines and Metal Museum – MM Gerdau Managers

Márcia Regina Carvalho dos Santos Guimarães (2015-present)
Helena Maria Mourão Loureiro (2010-2014)

General Research Coordinator

Ana Cecília Rocha Veiga (Professor at UFMG’s Museology Department)

Original Conception and Executive Coordinator of the Prototype/Pilot Stages

Roberto Ivo Fernandes Vaz (PhD student at UT Austin/Portugal CoLab and Research Fellow)

Executive Consolidation Stage Coordinator

Andréa Carla Ferreira (MM Gerdau Geoscience Curator)


Paula Odete Fernandes (Researcher, professor at IPB – Bragança Polytechical Institute)
Rui Manuel de Assunção Raposo (Thesis advisor, Aveiro University)
Mário Jorge Rodrigues Martins Vairinhos (Thesis co-advisor, Aveiro University)


Adson Junior (Assembling of interactive displays)
Alaôr de Morais (Furniture execution, Prototype stage)
Alexandre Livino M. Bezerra (Assembling of interactive displays and software development)
Ana Macedo (Executive logistics)
Cristiane Zauli Bagno Vago (Executive logistics)
Daniela Casagrande Matos (Interactive display design, Prototype stage)
Diogo Romualdo (IT support and tests)
Esther Tibúrcio (Sign language translation, Consolidation stage)
Gabriele Bigabi (Video art, Consolidation stage)
Gledson de Assis (Museography, Pilot stage)
Júlia Mendes Ribeiro (Interactive display design)
Juliane Oliveira (Executive logistics)
Leonardo Miranda (Photographic records and assembling of interactive displays)
Lucas Grego (IT logistic support)
Márcia Regina Guimarães (Curatorship, texts and Interactive display design)
Marcus Henrique (Museography, Pilot stage)
Mariana Lima (Video narration, Consolidation stage)
Mariana Pimenta (Video scripts, Consolidation stage)
Míriam Célia Rodrigues Silva (Post-use evaluation, Pilot stage)
Paola Oliveira (Production coordination of interactive display videos, Consolidation stage)
Rodrigo Mattos (Video filming and editing, Consolidation stage)
Soraia Vasconcelos (Narration, Prototype/Pilot stages)
Tamires Miranda (Texts and photographic records)
Thais Lopes Diaz (Post-use evaluation, Pilot stage)
Viviane Panelli Sarraf (Reference consulting)


Ana Cecília Rocha Veiga (Text and web design)
Roberto Ivo Fernandes Vaz (General revision)
Paula Odete Fernandes (General revision)
Márcia Regina Carvalho dos Santos Guimarães (General revision)
Viviane Panelli Sarraf (Revision of accessibility terms)
Andréa Carla Ferreira (Revision of Geology terms)
Alexandre Livino M. Bezerra (Revision of IT terms)
Alexandre Vasconcellos de Melo (Portuguese language revision)
Renato Nogueira Fontes (English translation)
Leonardo Miranda (Photographic records, except when indicated)
Ana Paula Costa Andrade (Graphic design of printed and PDF guidebook)
Gláucia Vaz (Indexing information)
UFMG Museology students (Usability test)


Fala Cenários (Furniture execution, Pilot/Consolidation stages)
NDS Comunicação, Cultura e Lazer Ltda (Interactive display videos, Consolidation stage)


Instituto São Rafael (Saint Raphael Institute) for the visually impaired (Teachers, relatives and students)
Luiz de Bessa State Public Library (Braille Department staff)
UFMG Radio studios (Narrations)
Carlos Augusto Ribeiro Jotta (MM Gerdau Museologist)
Lucas Radaelli (Interview and indication of digital accessibility references)
Carolina Pereira Soares (Assistance with physical accessibility tests)


Federal University of Minas Gerais (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Bragança Polytechnical Institute (Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal)
Aveiro University (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)

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Post anterior

Wise Stones Project

The “Wise Stones Interactive Interfaces” is a permanent exhibit of the Mines and Metal Museum (MM Gerdau). This is the result of an international research agreement involving LavMUSEU/UFMG, MM Gerdau and IPB. That project, awarded by the Ibermuseums Program, gave life to the Interactive Interface Accessible Circuit.


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